Heavy duty, reliable, multi-purpose tillage equipment

Who we are

About Us

Australian Farm Machinery is an Australian owned, Toowoomba based manufacturer of heavy duty, reliable, multi-purpose tillage equipment. Our philosophy emphasizes opportunity farming, offering design and equipment to suit all farming systems from conventional to zero till planting.

Our range of Cultivators, Scarichisels and Chisel ploughs are equipped with the standard AFM strong frame, robust trip assembly and bolt on ground tools that will enable you to adapt to every planting opportunity that arises.All of our models are made available in fixed hitch, floating hitch with in frame wheels or floating hitch with front castor wheels. We design and manufacture machines from 7ft 3pt linkage to 100ft 7 piece trailed models.

What we do

Equipment Range

  • Floating hitch cultivators
  • Fixed or Floating Hitch Scarichisel
  • Fixed or Floating Hitch Chisel Plough
  • Fixed hitch
  • Floating hitch
  • Tines
  • Components
    • Presswheels
    • Coulters
    • Zero Till Shanks
    • Depth Adjustable Shanks
    • AFM Spear Points
    • Spear Point Adapters (Bolt on)